TWST Fitness

TWST Fitness houses three modalities under one roof - Lagree, VersaClimber and Yoga, including aerial yoga. This studio has some serious heart with a primary goal to encourage, assist, and empower its tight-knit community through movement.

The studio's name comes from a twisting movement, which is often used in the Lagree Method. It also nods to the owner's music taste as Twist is a Phish song, one of her favorite brands. No wonder our creative director, Jenni, loves working with this brand so much! We dropped the "I" in TWST to give it a little cool factor.

Solmark went bold with this brand, mixing florescent red and a strong pink. Gradients are used throughout, with a subtle movement, when possible, adding delight. We also built TWST a small but impactful website with an integrated reservation system.
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  • Aurora, CO


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